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FIMS : The Nexus of Modern Medicine and
Natural Medicine

Man cannot win against Nature, but can only utilize.
Therefore, we should focus on “healing” than “treating”


30 Years of Clinical Experience and
Treated over 300,000 Patients.

A thorough physical exam is the most important factor in arriving at a correct diagnosis,
whereas X-ray and MRI are just complementary guiding tools. When diagnosing a patient,
the doctor should not simply focus on the area of pain,
but see the forest for the trees.


"I have been to many hospitals around the world,
but AhnKang Hospital was the first to diagnose
that my calf pain was caused by a back problem."

-Princess Aisha Al Thani-


Let us guide you!

Q. Where do you feel the pain?

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Select the area where you usually feel the pain
and click for detailed explanations.

Choosing a disease.


FIMS, A non-surgical solution

Non-surgical Treatment, FIMS is the internationally renowned treatment invented by Dr. Ahn, Kang.FIMS practiced in Ahnkang hospital uses specialized needles (Ahn’s needles- developed by Dr. Ahn).Dry needle is inserted to stimulate the area innervated by the pathologic nerve and not directly to the area of pain. The inserted needle is then used to stimulate or release the area of reactive fibrosis and adhesion by stimulating the periosteum to which it is attached to.



Manual-Physical Therapy

Our expert team brings the best from the field of musculoskeletal physiotherapy to each patient. The treatment plans are designed for everyone. We work with patients of all fitness levels to manage chronic conditions.



Exercise Therapy

  • Ahnkang’s Walking Therapy
  • Posture Correction
  • Neck Exercise
  • Knee Exercise
  • Shoulder Exercise
  • Lumbar Exercise


Head of Hospital, Dr. Ahn, Kang

  • Gangnam CHA Hospital Chronic Pain Center and Lab Chief
  • Pain Management ‘FIMS’ New Health Technology Registration to the Ministry of Health of Korea
  • Selected as “Best Doctors” in Pain Management(EBS, Pain Management, 2007)
  • 1st Korean passed Specialist Medical License in Kuwait(2017)
  • Opened first pain management Ahnkang Medical Center in Kuwait
  • President, Korean Association of Interventional Minimal Adhesiolysis and Nerve Stimulation
  • Vice President, World Federation of Traditional Chinese Orthopedic Medicine
  • Vice President, World Federation of Acupotomy Association
  • Executive Advisor, Institution of Study and Treatment of Pain in Canada
  • Executive Advisor, International Association of Study and Treatment of Pain(IASP) in Korea
  • President, Chronic Pain Center in Qatar Armed Forces Medical Center
  • Founder of FIMSNO.1

  • Pain Management Experience30Years

  • Number of Total Patients357,423

  • Number of Medical Volunteering345Times

Are you in
Chronic Pain
or Acute Pain?

Pain Doctor,
Ahn Kang

EBS "Best Doctors" Ep.35

I want to live in a pain free world

Medical assistance for medically underserved communities

SEUM Medical Volunteer Team

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